L.O.V.E College Survival Guide Series: Meet Dr. Shatera Peace

Many of you are entering freshman year of college with hopes of obtaining an undergrad now just imagine the journey of receiving your DOCTORATE DEGREE! Meet Dr. Shatera Peace, who recently received her Doctorate of Pharmacy from Florida A&M University. The long nights, the stress, being homesick and family loss…continue reading to hear about Shatera’s amazing collegiate journey and how she overcame some tough battles to achieve her goals.


As an incoming freshman we all have these expectations of what college life should be, how we are going to reinvent ourselves…etc. What were your initial college expectations and how did your actual experiences compare? 

I really didn’t have any initial expectations of college. I just thought it would consist of me going to class and that was it. Once I actually saw the different things you can do in college, such as joining different organizations, block parties on campus, and meet so many people from different places, it was an eye opener.

What was your hardest transition from high school to college?

The hardest part of transitioning was to actually be a college student. I had to learn how to be independent because I was so dependent on my mother. Also, I had to get used to waking myself up on my own to attend classes.

What advice/tips would you give your freshman self? 

Enjoy your freshmen year. I know that you are homesick and you want to go home, but enjoy the freedom. Join different organizations and make new friends.

For a lot of kids college is their first time having 100% freedom which can be a good or bad thing. How did you adjust to being on your own, did you have any downfalls? 

I used to call my mother every time I had a problem. One day we had a conversation and she told me that I needed to be more independent and start thinking on my own. At the time, I was 17 years old and I really didn’t quite understand what that meant. The downfall that I had is when I spent my tuition money my Spring semester of freshmen year and I had to figure out how I was going to pay my tuition. I decided to get a job to help my mother with my tuition bill.

In your opinion, besides classes what was an obstacle you had to face in college and how did you overcome it?

During my freshmen year, I was behind in my classes and it was difficult for me to start taking classes that were in my major. During my Junior year of college, I lost my mother to breast cancer and it was very hard for me to continue on with college. I made a promised to her that I will finish college and get my degree in pharmacy.

Can you describe why you chose your major and career path? Has it ever changed throughout college if so why? 

While I was in high school, my mother told me that I should be a pharmacist and at that time I didn’t understand why because I wanted to be an actress or a model.

When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, I finally knew that my purpose was to be in the medical profession to hopefully one day find a cure for this chronic disease. My major has not changed throughout college.

Besides the degree of course, what is the most important thing you believe a person should take away from their college experience? 

Lifelong friends. The people that you meet in college, are the ones that you will have an amazing relationship with throughout your lifetime.

What is the one thing you regret about your college experience? 

Not enjoying my freshmen year. I was really focused on going back home that I missed out on so much due to the fact that I was homesick.