L.O.V.E College Survival Guide Series: Meet Vanessa Oguamanam

As we wrap up this series I wanted to introduce a young lady who I’ve known forever (literally 3rd grade). She just finished up an internship at Google and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Maryland, College Park. Vanessa Oguamanam is definitely representing for us ladies in STEM fields,but it isn’t easy! If you think excelling in college is all about getting good grades you should pay attention!

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L.O.V.E College Survival Guide Series: Meet Isioma Orewa

Next up……Meet Isioma “Monica” Orewa (aka the caterpillar turned butterfly)! Monica graduated from Howard University (December 2014) with a BS in Psychology. For most going away for college is the first chance of 100% freedom…..but do you know how to use it? When I first met Monica she was so different from me, I would have NEVER THOUGHT 6 years later she would be one of my closest friends. I decided to include Monica because her transformation was CRAZYY! (like seriously she went from a pre-med geek to a bomb marketing associate!) This is for the timid girl entering college….you definitely want to pay attention.

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L.O.V.E College Survival Guide Series: Meet Kori Dean

The first young lady I would like to introduce is Kori Dean aka the HBCU MVP. Kori is a recent college graduate of Morgan State University with a BBA in Information Science and Systems (so ya’ll already know I’m bias lol) and is currently an analyst at Goldman Sachs. Change is what college is all about! To learn more about Kori’s amazing transition throughout college keep reading.

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